One of many pastures.

Linton Pasture pork hogs are raised outdoors between spring and fall. During this time the hogs are often seen foraging in the pasture or relaxing in their "self made" ponds.

They also have free access to their huts which are designed and built by Jeffrey.  The huts provide shelter during inclement weather and a home for the sows to farrow. They sit directly on the ground and are packed with straw. The huts are designed to prevent the babies from getting out during their first 2 weeks of life at which point they are able to safely get in and out.

Our piglets are weaned at around 6 - 8 weeks old and are placed in a separate pasture to grown and mature. 

During the winter season they are raised in an old fashioned bank barn with an outdoor access.

Piglets making their way in and out of their huts.